Text morphing using particles

I have made a try to create a morphing between two text’s using particle system and a vortex forcefield.
I’m wondering what do you thin about it:
the movie (xvid avi appx. 1.5 MB) can be found at:


Great job, I love it, how did you do that. Bravo.

PS : of course the blue background kind of ruin the impact a bit, but with a good background I can imagine how great the effect is.

keep it up

I have switched blue backgroud to black… :wink:
(xvid avi appx. 900kB) http://ksolek.republika.pl/blender/intro2.avi
I have add a text object to the scene, the convert it to mesh and add particle effect.
If you are really interested in the way I have made it, you can see it at my .blend file : http://ksolek.republika.pl/blender/particle.blend.bz2
The effect is a conjuction of three scenes from this file (2nd, 3rd, and 4th).
1st scene is another try particle effect.