Text object not loaded with LibLoad. A bug?


I noticed a while ago that LibLoad doesn’t load Text objects. Does anyone have the same problem, is it a bug, a feature, a gift of my video drivers? Here’s a test:


Open PythonLibLoad_nop.blend, press P, I see no text (LibLoad)
Open LoadLinkedScene_yep.blend, press P, I see the text (addScene, previously linked)

The BlendWithText.blend file contains a Text object and a box - to check if the file is actually loaded. No error in the console. Ubuntu13.10, AMDHD5 video, 32bit.

I cant download your file, but after trying with a couple of files on my own I have the same results…text objects will not load with the scene through libload. Well its wierd because if i print a list of all objects in the scene after the libload. It shows the text objects in the list, they are just not there. Any thoughts?

The World Wide Web doesn’t seem to like a missing W. Fixed the link but the independent test is even better to confirm the problem.
No idea on the source of the problem. The object is not rendered. It’s weird. Maybe something gets lost during the LibLoading.

A few strange things do happen during libloading, but I’ve never noticed text objects not showing. Pretty sure they worked a couple of versions ago at any rate.

But things like overlay scenes can be a little annoying, as they appear both overlay and as objects in the main scene. Go figure.