Text on a curved surface


I try to add a text on a curved surface.
For this, I followerd this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2TGOElE_1c&t=184s
Decimate, merge and so on (curved object is also scaled). But after the Bevel Mod (moreover 0.001 is too less for me, I want more), my text looks bad and not clean and smooth…

Any idea how I can creat it smoother?

Here is a tutorial for text on a curved surface.
The text needs a clean mesh at an high enough resolution for this.

Thanks, that’s a very good tutorial. But at the end, I have a new problem. My cureved object is like a ball, so I need another deform…

That’s why I use the Shrinkwarp. But when I used it, by text looks wrong again.

Shrinkwrap lays all geometry on the target surface, so your text goes flat.
You can:

  1. Use just only the front faces from your text, shrinkwrap and then solidify.

  2. Use a combination of shrinkwrap and surface deform modifier as extra step:

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hello. i watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGM9C6tnoYw video from you and i have problems with “bend” in the deform modifier. whatever i do the result is somehow strange. it doesnt bend but extrude the text towards the outside. rotation and location of the text and empty does match. i use Blender 3.4.1

i would be glad if u could help me.

PS: while playing around i can bend the text around y axis in a completely weird way and i doesnt even understand the logic. i rotate the empty by 90 degrees and then apply scale on z axis. as there is no logic behind i dont consider that as solution just a conincidence. but maybe it helps to identify what is going on.