text problem

why doesn’t blender like the California font? Look at the R
see attached. having done a whole one hour video with menus in this font (not in blender)
I need the font!
thanks all


TEXTPROBLEM.blend (501 KB)

That happens with some fonts. Some vector geometry in fonts just doesn’t translate well into mesh geometry. I’m not sure how much of the blame lies with Blender, how much lies with the font authors, or how much just can’t be helped… but yeah, it’s a thing.

Your options are:

  • Check all your fonts out in Blender (with extrusion, bevel depth, etc. if those will be used) before beginning your project. Won’t help in your case now :frowning:
  • Convert the font to a mesh and manually fix the artifacts. OK for one-offs, but not so practical if you have recurring glitched glyphs.
  • Prepare this as an SVG in Inkscape or Illustrator first, and then import into Blender. Some tweaking of the vector data may be in order, such as simplification in areas where points are dense.

thanks QA…

Something wrong with your Blender or OS maybe .

In Linux