Text Property help

i was trying to make it so when my property reaches 10 my other property changes letters.the problem is they are both named “Text” for their property names except one is a string and one is a number. i would normaly just change the name of one of them but when you change the name from Text the whole thing erases itself. what should i do?

You can’t have two properties with the same name on the same object. I even just tried it with a string and integer to be sure…

You should provide some more information about your problem. If you are working with a single object, I would say set the “Text” property to be a string, and then write a script to provide the correct value. If the value is an integer, you may have to convert it to a string, and then set the “Text” property to the integer string. You could also fake this by swapping out two objects.

If you are working with two objects, the easiest way is probably to just send a message from the counter object to the string object.

its two objects and they are in different scenes