Text tool and copy paste

First off, I didn’t really know of a better place to post it then here, so indulge me if you think this shouldn’t be here.

I’m having some trouble with the text tool.
In short I am trying to insert a Ø into a line of text.
Unfortunately, you cannot copy/paste plain text from one app to blender, and when I try to load it as text, or insert text under the edit menu text properties, the previous text remains. Nothing happens. Are those special types not in the build in font? How should I go about getting that Ø in? As editable text…
Alt codes don’t work, copy paste doesn’t work, load the text in blender and copy paste doesn’t work, insert the text directly doesn’t work… nothing works. But even if it DID work, you shouldn’t have to create a seperate text file in an external app just to load in one character…

There’s probably a very good reason why you can’t copy/paste plain text around, but I keep bumping into this issue every now and then.

Would someone care to explain again why this copy/paste restriction exists?
Maybe it’s something that should be dealt with in the future.

Ctrl+shift+v to paste text inside blender. Ctrl+shift+c to copy within the text editor in blender.

Nice try Bigbad:p,

Um, FreakyDude:

which font do you want to use? Does it matter to you?

I’ve found a way around this little problem. Blender doesn’t seem to want to use any character past about ascii 127, the theta is something like 148 or thereabouts. When you try, Blender either uses the first char of the font (usually just a box) or something else right up near the end.

So, I just opened up the calibri font that comes with windoze and chanegd the capital A character to being a Ø sign. Works great, you just don’t get a capital A. So if you want, lemme know which font you want to use, & which letter you don’t want, and I’ll whip one up for you.


well I got a Ø inside blender. Did I miss something???

I thought the OP was talking about the ‘insert 3d text’ sort of text; ‘text tool’ is what they usually call the insert text into image tool in photogimp and all.

No idea what might be wrong with that, though, I don’t even remember how to use it without looking.

Yes that is kinda what I was thinking about. I figures, in 3dview, press space>add>text

go to editmode, and paste the text you have in your buffer/copied.
This however does not seem to work.
Also by making a seperate .txt file with one character in it for all I care, which happens to be the Ø symbol, it does not load, or work, when you use the editmode “insert text” button. Probably due to that limit you mentioned enhzflep…

Luckily, when going to the “char” tab, you can select something (fortunately the Ø symbol is there) and it will insert. But suppose your character is just not in that list?
It probably will be there anyway, since I’m not talking about any other symbols then the ones you can get in notepad, which uses a basic font.

By the way, since you mention it, how do you go about creating your own font? I have one as blender mesh which I could recreate in illustrator or something, I’d like to have it as a font.

Shot at 2007-12-05

Please excuse me if this advice is unwanted/unwarranted, but what BigBad said…
Hitting Ctrl-Shift-V will paste text from the windows (or gnome or kde etc) clipboard into a blender text window. Also Ctrl-Shift-C or X will place text onto the system clipboard.

As for fonts, I found a copy of font creator pro sitting on a disk here, that’s what I use. You can edit an existing font or create your own. Getting stuff in is as simple as importing an
image for each letter you want to create, or even easier, just border select part of an image with a letter in it with gimp or ps, copy it then paste it into the letter you want. FCP then creates a spline that fits the outline of your letter, so you can still make pretty good looking fonts from ultra low-res & crappy source material. Unfortunately, although working with curves, you cannot import them, only images.

It works a treat for making a font based on your own handwriting. I created one from scratch in under 1/2 an hour!!!