TexTools for Blender

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

EDIT: @Emrebel just messed around with it and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Also, it has a nice ‘break’ feature, which I was missing from Max.

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Once Rizom make a decent blender 2.8 bridge i will switch to this for UV!

Maybe once Rizom make a decent UI. :slight_smile:

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Agree they could improve on this but some of the tools are second to none when you want to have fast production.

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I have an issue within Textools and I’m looking for some help.


If i use certain Textools on the UV’s of those selected faces (rotate 90, rectify for example), it will automatically add the contained face to the selction (The one the arrow is pointing to)… and then include those UV’s in any transforms or tool operations, which isn’t the intended action. Is there a way to avoid this? If not is it likely to be fixed at some point?

cheers. Love the addon other than this little niggle.

Hi, I’ve port Textools to blender 2.80, I hope it’s useful to everyone. You can download it on my Github:


Nice, but does everything work fine?

As they say hereabouts, Bostin’ :slight_smile:

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FWIW I found a solution to use Blender 2.8 w/o addon to bake lightmaps. See this post about baking lightmaps with Blender 2.8

While looking for a workflow to bake textures; especially lightmaps, someone pointed me to TexTools and now that it’s been ported to 2.8 I wanted to give this amazing addon a try.

  1. When you have a scene with a couple of objects a common approach would be to bake lightmaps from the scene into one texture. Is this supported? If so, how do you configure TexTools for this?

  2. When I bake normals using the build in feature the result is different. In the image below you see how Blender bakes the normals that go into the BSDF node into the active image. Is there a way to use TexTools to do the same? Or is baking normals with TexTools only used for baking high-poly details onto low-poly?

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Hope so. :wink:

boss (need at least 10 characters)

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Thanks you so much, the day has come

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Wow! Finally. This is the one addon that I’ve been waiting on more than any other.

Does renderhjs know?


I suppose that as soon as he reads this thread, he will know it.

I tried to port all parts of the addon to 2.80, which are still functional in version 2.80, unfortunately some of them like Bake Displacement is not supported in Cycles yet, and surely as soon as renderhjs has time it will improve those things and add other fantastic ones, as he already did.

There is also a issues with icons , that its a bug of blender 2.80 https://developer.blender.org/T64628 , that i hope devs fix as son as possible…


Thank you so much!

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Thank a lot for porting this since vanilla UV in blender is a no go at least for me!


You are an absolute legend!

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Amazing stuff the TexTools addon (recently ported over to Blender 2.8). I like the Color ID which I could use to color a whole scene differently in one click, wrapping patterns, and baking. It’s in the list of my favorite addons elsewhere. I let you know later in another thread where you can find that list of usefull addons.

I placed a link here, but some of you interpreted it as a kind of spam. My apology for that.

But super addon!


Therefore a few proper links:

Original author’s TexTools website, by @renderhjs with full documentation.

Ported TexTools addon for Blender 2.80, by @SavMartin


Thanks for the effort man ! I was waiting for that before dumping maya definitively. u rock!