Texture a leaf, combining translucent node and alpha

Hello blender users,

I am still a blender beginner and i tried to texture a leaf. I used a pbr setup and a mask for opacity.
I used a translucent node to get more light casting thru the leaf, but then i have the problems i see the black edges of the plane, but without i have no light casting thru my leaf. Can someone explain me the proper way to texture something like this to get light casting thru the leaves but losing not the transparency.

thank you very much for your help!! Schermafbeelding 2021-02-23 om 20.24.08|628x499

There are some examples with nodes in this thread on devtalk.

You could simply add an extra mix node that uses the alpha output to mask the translucency.

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wauw, easy solution. thanks a lot.