Texture airport ground layout

Hey guys,

the last days I worked on this ground layout for the Frankfurt am Main airport. The runways are separated, the rest is one object.

I know that it’s possible to texture such big objects with a single texture, which repeats itself and to use decals for the markings etc.
But I have trouble on how to achieve the different types of concrete used for the taxiways?

Many thanks in advance

I would share my asphalt / concrete textures with you but they are 1024 x 1024 and 1.5 MB’s apiece. But, if you want, I can scale them down to 512 x 512 for you.
(edit) you can PM me instead of waiting for the mods to approve your post if you want.

Thank you very much, that would be very nice.
But my main problem is, that I have got one object and need to project different types of textures on it. I can’t simply repeat one texture, because then every taxiway would have the same type concrete. Do anyone know how to make a good UV map for such a “plane”, so that I can use different textures?
(edit) sorry for my bad explanation, I still learn english and don’t know how to describe it on a better way. I would post a image from google maps where one can see what I mean but i don’t know about the license rights.

unfortunately my concrete texture doesn’t seem to scale down very well, but the cement looks ok:

check out the first link in my signature on how to distribute multiple materials using nodes.
(edit) keep in mind that you can use multiple UV channels, so you can have one map for the ‘stencil’ texture and another for the materials

Maybe use a seamless texture will help? Search on google :slight_smile: