Texture alpha not registering on animation


I’m trying to turn a wheel for a few secs, as a part of a personal learning experience
and so far everything has turned out just fine.

Now I’m in the texturing stage and I’ve run into some problems. Well 1 specific problem.
I have 2 image files I’m trying to texture a “cyl” with.

I have created 1 Alpha map, which is imported as marked on the image to the top
And then the normal with black background

I would want the texture to make the black parts of the rim transparent.
So far everything goes transparent, or it seems as if it has opasity around 50% on the entire thing.

Any suggestions on how to do this…
Blender file with textures - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19761809/creativity/Blender_wheel_turn.zip (UPDATED)



Set the colour of the Transparent shader to white (100% transparent)
Your zip file does not include your blend file !

Sorry about that, I’have added the .blend file to the zip now.

Will try the the color change at once.