texture and materials not cooperating

I put a blue material on my boot, and UVed it, the boot looks blue in object mode, but when I render it, the boot is not blue, the UV I applied is there. The boot renders with not color?

Bring it on, i mean example file. My boots render in color and detail ;).

lola_boots only_UVed.blend (658 KB) here is my attachement

You need 2 different materials for your boot. One for Blue Color next for Picture.

Imho one is enough.

Sorry, misunderstood you - you want both the blue color and the decal. Might need another object for that. Maybe copy a few faces at the front of the boot, separate as a separate object, shrinkwrap to the boot (modifier) and map the decal to that. Sort of like how I do eyebrows on a face.


I found my problem, it was the decal that was making my boot not blue, Used a new decal on the boot and the became blue…I must of did something wrong as I was using the uv texture…sorry for the post…

@eppo, hehehe, this is what we all do to give the illusion by welding all other vertices.