Texture bake Alpha?

I did a search and couldn’t find anything on this.

Is there a way to bake a material with its transparency? Namely, I need to bake a shine onto something, and have the alpha to show through objects behind it. I keep getting the atmosphere baked in.

Is it not possible?

I’d appreciate an answer to this as well. The docs for 2.49b claim it’s possible, but don’t say how.

It’s possible.
The object that has the texture enable Ztransp and set its alpha to 0 and the plane that receibe the shadow enable Shadow and Trashadow in Shaders section.


For cycles what I did was bake 2 times creating 2 textures, 1 the regular bake texture and the other is just a glossy bake type, only the color and that created a B&W image that then you can use as a mask in photoshop…

you could bake alpha using blender render(i don’t know about cycles),but i don’t think you could bake the background.as baking is done within a specific distance only.

I would like to know the answer to that question as well.

What I did is just pretty very similar to what Kanikama1 did. What I do is baked the image into color Image. There are blacks leftover. I used GIMP 2.10 to erase the black color leaving only color alone. and it worked like a charm.

if you have a complex shape like leafs, then it won’t be easy to remove the black parts. It take some math and adjustments to do that.

however, what Kanikama1 did give me that answer using black/white image. that’s very clever idea. :thinking: