texture baking

what exactly is this feature? I saw it in uv options. Can it be used in game engine? Please explain it to me. Thanks

well i don’t know where u saw this option cause i don’t find it:P
but “texture baking” is the process to “write” the lighting in your texture. so u can accelerate your render times because the lighting don’t need to be computed. Usually, for games, u create lightmaps (a texture with only the lighting in it) and blend it using multitexturing with the color texture.
but since blender doesn’t support this feature (maybe am i wrong?), u must create HUGE textures and bake the lighting in it…it’s a pain in the ass. Where is “texture baking” option located? is it a custom build or in 2.34?

2.34 if u go to the uv editor window, click on uv’s tab its there in the list under uv painter. I would like to know how to use this if anyone knows. Thanks

Yep, it’s most of the time like that, when new feature comes into blender, it coded, but most of the people don’t know how to use it, except the coders themself or the blender users that ofthen visit blender.org. Well this is what I’m trying to fix. For so far I also don’t know what it is. :-?

it is jms’s script it appears

you’d have a uvmapped mesh with procedural textures, and you run it and it will unfold the mesh and will render them onto a 2d texture

or, at least that is how it is supposed to work

textures mapped to other than orco or uv will not be unfolded properly
[textures mapped to nor will be relative to the texture in the output, which means you can’t create object space normal maps, but texture space ones]

also, jms’s script doesn’t do anything about the edge of the faces last I heard, so in the game engine [or wherever else you use that texture] at the uv edges you will be able to see the world color [default blue] a bit

however, I have my own script which does a lot of the same thing, it doesn’t render, but it does create the camera and most everything else. it also does things on the edges of faces so you don’t have to worry about the aformentioned problem

this is what my script outputted [the texture was assigned to the thing]

current version (copy/paste), this contains a .blend, you’ll need to save the script from it if you want to use it in other .blends [or append it to those .blends with shift+f1]

so, basic instructions for my script are to run it [it will create new objects, several of them on layer 1, move them wherever you like], then render a frame which is not #1

the other one [the one you have], you ought to be able to just hit menu options, it will automagically render frame 100 [iirc] with the mesh unfolded and stuff

jms’s thread [I post there a few times with several examples and other comments]