texture channels

(hannibar) #1

At the moment I’m trying to place decals on a car I’m working at.
The problem is that I have to place about 20 decals (or more), but there are only 8 texture channels.
I know there is a way to place more textures on one object, but I can’t find how. A quick search in the forum didn’t help either.



(theeth) #2

Just assign more than one material to the mesh. All you have to do is make copies of the material before assigning the decals.


(hannibar) #3

Ah thanks! That should work

(haunt_house) #4

you only need one texture channel

put all your decals into one image. Make it a targa with alpha channel, so that only the decals are visible. then uvmap it, use uv as texture coordinates and say use alpha in the tex buttons. that should do the trick


(hannibar) #5

Hey thats even better! It’s to late though, I already textured the car (you can find the pic in the WIP section)

(theeth) #6

Haunt_House: you’re right, but decals with Object mapping are often easier and more flexible than UV mapping.


(haunt_house) #7

please explain :o :frowning:

isn´t it difficult to avoid seams?

If you are not using normal color materials?

more flexible?



(theeth) #8

try this: http://www.ingiebee.com/tutorials/Decal%20Mirror%20Modelling/theeth%20decal.htm

the formating isn’t really good, but you should get the idea.


(haunt_house) #9


you use an empty…