texture clothes

Hello guys
How to Make texture clothes
With a good result to making 3d texture
I tried many, but not only continued good result

we’re is the help When you need it @@

here’s a tutorial that explains how you can make your own texture and you just need a camera (or even your cellphone),and follow the tutorial, with dedications you can archive really good results lad :smiley:

Well, how about you help us to help you first?
What kind of clothes? What style are you after (cartoonish, realistic, …)?
Why don’t you show us a reference image of what you want to achieve and a screenshot of the result you got so far? Why exactly do you consider your results “not good”?

See? I already put more effort into asking for relevant details than you into your question. You need to give us something to work with. Asking too broadly actually makes it harder to answer, not easier.

My friend @AlanShukan
Thanks for the help

my friend @IkariShinji

I want textures like this

Slightly rough diffuse and velvet shader for the main fabric shading, some noised colors of which some is kept for the velvet (maybe all? experiment). Rough gloss for the ornaments. Mixed the two with ornaments mask. Proper lighting to help show the resulting sheen of the fabric. Good UV unwrapping most likely required.

That’s still a 2D texture, not a 3D texture like what was asked for in OP. I too didn’t really understand what you were asking for.