Texture colours loading wrong

I encountered a strange problem when trying to load a texture. In photoshop the colours are redish-orangish, but when I load it in the preview window it looks greenish, and when I render it it’s just black. Any ideas? thanks…

Looks like a byte order problem. What image format are you using? Does it happen if you save the same file as jpeg, targa, png?

If your object renders black, either the vertex colors of the object are all black or maybe you have just not turned on the TexFace property for the material.

everything is normal with the material settings, I just use dthe default material setting and loaded a pic, and there is no vertex coloring on the obhect. I tried several format: .jpg, .Tiff and .targa and it was the same for all. It only happens with this one texture though…oh well, I’ll use a different one.