Texture Coordinate + Mapping Nodes Not Working in 2.8 Eevee

Now, I’m really new to this so this might be a mistake on my behalf, but I understand that 2.8 is still pretty unstable. I’m following a tutorial on udemy, and from what I understand, this should be working. Attaching two screencaps; 1 with working texture nodes in Cycles, 2 with identical everything in Eevee. In eevee, the texture just turns purple.

Hoping I’m just missing something really basic and that it’s not a bug.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:!

Edit: New users can only upload 1 pic. Showing you the eevee pic.

Cant be sure whats going on exactly, could be a bug, but just double check that your image path is correct and not missing. I know you say its showing up in cycles, but I’m just trying to think what could be the issue. :thinking: