Texture doesnt appear in a runtime

i ve been making a pretty nice first person shooter, but when i save it as a runtime the textures on all the objects do not appear. The textures show up fine in blender but they don’t show up in the .exe form. Does any one know how to fix this.
thank you,

You probably forgot to pack everything, use the FIle > pack menu before you save the runtime. You might also want to try ‘Compress’ to reduce the size of the executable.

ive tried that but the textures still dont shw up. Someone from school told me that i have to use imported textures for that to work such as JPEGs and Bitmaps images. Is that at all true.
Thank you

ok, before you export the file, did you make sure the main viewport is set to potato mode? (also known as UV textured shaded mode)

game engine textures can only be bitmaps (jpg, bmp, tga, png) what were you using?

i was using the blender made textures that you can generate in blender

i can get the textures to show up now but the textures are blured on each side execpt the top of a cube

are you referring to ‘precedure’ textures? those can’t be used in-game. How does your game look when you run it WITHIN blender (by pressing P key). If you can’t get it to look right here, then there is no way for the runtime to work correctly. Read the blender wiki for the basics on UV texturing.

also, if you have the use blender material option checked, you might need to pass the command usematerial 1 to the exe.

The game within blender works great i can walk, shoot, jump, open doors, and the textures work fine. But only when i put it into a runtime the textures do not appear.