texture help in cycles, why a certain angle does this and ctrl scale difference.

so I have 3 examples. the 1st one is set to smart project. second has the mesh set to scale 1 when I push ctrl a then apply image. and third because the object is facing down a certain way. is there reason for this? I know in the render engine there is coordinates, is this the same reason but i have to go to cycles nodes? also, if your texturing is it still a good idea to bevel corners? or is that more for a ambient conclusion look? I guess it all depends on the size and how close the object is right? because planks, I don’t see no reason for bevel, you cant see it and it only raises the poly count. when I uv I just mark a seam at each face, is this a bad idea? I guess only using unrap uses the seams where the other options ignore the uv seams.

Not sure what your problem is. The only thing I see different between each object is their UVs
If you scale your object in object mode rather than edit mode you should apply any scale before unwrapping so you get the correct face sizes. The renderer being used would have no bearing on the result in this case

also, does the uv that has the resolution size, do you use that than post an image or just use uv unwrap and only use the image size for viewing a test look say like squares on the mesh? two files or uploaded to show what I am talking baout.

so, do I scale in edit mode than apply uv seams? or does it matter. I notice this is a big issue for me on texturing. not sure if its the scale or the direction of the mesh and i need to learn how to use the texture coordinates instead of using unwrap all the time.