Texture Help

The righthand column has almost the same material(except the writing on it) with the one on the left.But as u can see there is horizontal lines on the column and i can’t seem to figure it out .If there was a different material assigned to it,i would understand.But i’ve assigned it via CTRL+L. Don’t consider the writing on the lefthand column cos the same fault was on the rigthhand one before it.Thanx in advance to those who reply…


At first glance it looked like texture stretching, but at closer inspection the texture being copied from the left wall is fine, and the lines seem to be on top of the texture. Thus I think you might have a second texture applied to the right-hand column that has the wrong mapping.

If not then post the blend and we’ll have a look.


Everyone can use the irongate i made for any purpose.But i’ve have to admit that this is no good modelling work. Mostly non-uniform and useless meshes(not a clean work i mean).Anyway,as i said if anybody needs it,can use without hesitation.

Blend file:


I get an error when trying to open the blend file you posted. Any idea why?


don’t know really.I made it with 2.43(win32).But if u’ve got this version i can’t say anything about the problem because everything works fine on my pc

Maybe the rar got corrupted (???), try uploading just the blend file, don’t archive it.