Texture Ideas???

I’ve been dabbling lately with the noise button lately and ended up making a pretty neat hill area (I’ll tell you the name of the final project when I’m done… still got some more work to do) I was wondering if any of you guys might happen to know a neat hill texture or combination of textures that I can use to simulate grass and land (since all hills aren’t just grass) so far the only thing I’ve gotten is… I got my hill look like it has lizard skin lol!

I’d really appreciate the help. It’s gonna look pretty sweet. I’m gonna mess with the particle effects a bit and have it look like people on top of a hill looking at fireworks… I just need some advice on some realistic looking hill texture. Oh, before I forget. I’m also gonna mess around with the mesh and see if I can have my hill actually have grass. I should be able to use the same tutorial that they mentioned on the FUR topic in this forum right?

Check Mayang’s Free Textures. You can check the Blender Texture Fest and Google as well. And, you can always paint your own texture.

As for the grass, blender’s new static particles should be usefull, as modifying the mesh is insanely hard. (Trust me, I tried it once.)