Texture in Texture.

I’ve been trying to learn all about nodes over the last few days. I’m not used to node systems like this so it’s taking a while for it all to make sense.

One thing I’m struggling to achieve at the moment (and I only want to know how to do it, because I can’t do it!) is a texture in a texture.

I can send a Musgrave through a Disffuse colour and get a spotty cow. I can mix two Musgraves and get a difference in spot size. I can link two Musgraves in serial and get a very confused looking psychedelic cow. But what I can’t work out, is how to get a Musgrave within a Musgrave.

The idea is to set the first to a small scale so the blotches are large, then have smaller (different colour) blotches inside the first.

Does this make sense?

Anyway, as said, I don’t need this for anything, I just wonder how you would do it.


And there was a 2nd part to the question I forgot. I would like to be able to move the spots a bit to the left, (direction really isn’t important) but I can’t find the right thing to plug into the Texture. It looks obvious I should be affecting the Vector, but none of the Vector Map options appear to do anything.

So, also, how do I shift a texture?

Thanks again.

Use texture coord -> vector math and add some random number in the second slot, for both musgrave textures, as it can be very sensitive to being around origo. Depending on musgrave setting, keep in mind that it can contain a lot more info than is typically shown in a black-white range. Plug it into a bumpmap node to preview what info it really holds.

Use one musgrave as fac and input 1 for a color mix node (in mix mode), then the second musgrave in the second. You could also add a contrast node to the one going into the fac for a sharper transition. If I read the problem correctly.