Texture is reversed


Blender noob here. I’m confused as to why one of my textures is being rendered “backwards”.

This is what I did:

  1. Created a new cube and flattened it
  2. I selected the “front” face (the 4 verts), created a new material, added a texture (the “1”) and then assigned the material to that face.
  3. Repeated step 2 for the “back” face using image texture “2”.
  4. Duplicated the cube and rotated it so that both the front and back faces were visible.

I did not modify anything else. Why is the “2” texture being rendered backwards?

Here is my blend file in case that helps.

Thanks in advance,

In the Texture / Mapping panel set the X size to -1 to flip the texture on its x axis or UV unwrap the object and use UV coordinates

Thank you VERY much Richard!