texture mapping problem

I’m new to Blender and I also use Yafray. I’ve got a little problem with textures I can’t seem to solve myself. Maybe somebody on this forum can help me out.
The native Blender render engine gives me this result of my model:
(Don’t mind the colors and shadows, it’s the “tiled” facade that’s the problem)
Well this texture works pretty fine this way, but I really want to use yafray in a later stadium. So far this is the result when I render with yafray:

HEY!! Where are my tile lines in the facade? Is this a mesh-yafray problem, or just yafray?
I tried a lot of things, but not the right things.
Can anybody help me out?

My textures don’t even show up at all :frowning: in YafRay

this is a bit off topic.
Yafray isnt python or a plugin.

If your sure its an error with yafray could you submit this as a bug report to the tracker?