texture maps don't seem to work

Hey there,
I am making an architecture scene and when I went to make the materials the bump maps didn’t work.
this has happened to me before and I don’t know how to fix it.
does someone know whats the problem?


Here is a node setup for Bump map…This is just one way to do it…Not sure how right it is but it work…:slight_smile:

I add a texture to a plane unwrap the plane.

Copy the texture node Shift + d and set color to no color data.

Add a vector - Bump…connect the nodes…Settings is a little high just to show.

I’m a noob…But You have 4 texture in Your set up…As I can see You have displace and a normal map node…?
1 Should be enough for the Bump.

Don’t make it for complicated…:)…Puff Puff

Also You need some light in to see it.


The setup has both normal and a bump map, which need to be combined with a bump node.