Texture maps on obj files don't work with cycles ....what's the solution Noob questio

I’m a new blender user, but have a reasonable amount of general 3d experience. I just downloaded the latest build and started to import an obj file with mdd animation to use with the Cycles renderer, and after a couple of days scratching my head, realised the reason the textures weren’t showing is because that component of blender is not working with cycles (it’s turned off).
Is there a way around this? or is it because Cycles is still relatively new? Is there an older version where this works that I can download? and where from?
Thanks for any help.

It does work, you just have to connect the appropriate image nodes and UV mapping nodes in the material editor. Make sure you have the appropriate image files handy, etc.

Thanks Kemmler, it threw me that it worked in the blender render but not cycles. I worked out the nodes after I posted but because it was my first post I couldn’t edit or reply until a moderator checked it.

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