Texture nodes in Cycles


I am trying to get a texture to change with time. This can be set up with texture nodes, but I’m having difficulty passing that across to a material.

I’m sure this is something very simple, but any help would be much appreciated!

I’ve uploaded some screenshots to demonstrate what I mean:

Texture Node:

The texture changes from green to red as the time goes from frame 1 to frame 145. This Texture is called Fire.

Material Node:

I’ve added a texture node, in which I’ve called up the “Fire” texture, and fed that in to a Diffuse shader to the output. I would have expected this to be green (where the white strip currently is).

Any ideas where I went wrong?!



I’m pretty sure that textures created with the texture nodes aren’t supported by Cycles. Instead you create the textures inside of the same tree the contains the shader nodes. I think you can just keyframe the diffuse color instead.

Oh right, ok, I’ll try that - thanks!


Unfortunately I want access to the textures in the Texture Nodes window. (stucci, clouds, blend, marble, and wood aren’t available in the material nodes.)
No way to get those into cycles? Will they ever be added? Seems like shaders were massively improved with cycles, but actual patterns (procedural) took a big hit in the shift to cycles. (nobody seems to use procedurals anyway except beginners; everybody else falls back on UV mapped images)
(I’m hurtin for a stucci texture and I can’t fake a decent one with the available material textures)

-The Clouds texture is now simply known as ‘noise’
-I think I recall Brecht saying that the the Stucci texture was in part a legacy solution for better bumpmapping when the BI renderer had the old algorithm seen in 2.49 in before, the noise texture with 0 noise depth along with a colorramp should duplicate most of its effects.
-The Blend texture is now known as gradient
-Distorted noise was removed and the distortion feature it had was added to the noise texture.
-Wood and Marble were merged into a single ‘wave’ texture due to their similarity.
-Blend is now known as the ‘gradient’ texture.

Now there has been some functionality that has genuinely been removed (Voronoi has been reduced to a simple cell pattern generator without the four constants and the only noise available for the noise texture is perlin). At the least, I do wish to see the Voronoi texture get a depth function along with the return of the 4 constants).