Texture not applying to the model correctly.

So I’m very new to the program and have recently encounter a problem. I’ve been trying to rip some models from the game Smite and have successfully downloaded the files (I think) using Umodel. I’m able to upload them into Blender but they often have additional parts that were not displayed on Umodel.

As you can see parts are dark for some reason. Please forgive me if there is an obvious solution to this, but I’ve been struggling to understand why it is doing this when the files are ripped straight from the game so they should be working. Any help or tips are appreciated.god.blend (3.82 MB)god.blend (3.82 MB)

Try deleting the second material. It’s possible that the two materials are being used by those separate portions of the mesh.

Note, that without providing a .blend it’s going to be hard for others to guess what your exact issue is, unless they’ve had this exact issue themselves.

sorry about that, new to the site as well. I attached the file if that helps.

NP. So I went ahead and fixed a version for you. The problem is that the mesh has two UV maps, psk0 and psk1. In order to have them combined correctly, you must separate the mesh into two parts based on UV layout. Once you’ve done that, delete the mismatched UV data from each of your two resulting objects, and rename the UV datablocks so they match each other exactly. Then you can join the objects back together and remove doubles.

There are a few steps that I glossed over for the sake of brevity. If you need more details about anything, feel free to ask.

Thank you for all the help, I think I understand what you’re saying, I just get lost in some of the technical stuff. If I could ask one more thing, do you have any recommended tutorials for blender that may help me learn the program better?

I have found CGMasters to have a pretty good grip on production oriented Blender training, the ‘bread and butter’, so to speak. I would start there. Creative Shrimp has useful tutorials and content as well, but they excel in lighting, composition, and novel techniques. I.e. a bit more art oriented, rather than simple workflow.

For troubleshooting, the Blender Manual is a good resource for terminology and basic features. Blender Stack Exchange is a good place to check for detailed answers to common questions. And you can always reach out to others directly on the IRC channels.