Texture not projecting correctly in viewport

I have an image texture for a plane, using flat projection with global coordinates. I’m doing this so that if I move the object the texture doesn’t move, so it appears to move across the surface of the object. However in the viewport the texture only projects down the z axis. If I change the mapping to that x/y becomes x/z it still projects down from the top in the viewport, although if i render it projects correctly from the front (I want the plane to be upright). I’m using GLSL shading/Textured mode. Is there any way to view it correctly while editing in the 3D view? I basically want the texture projected onto the model while I’m editing it.

ETA: I really like modelling this way - guess I’ll just have to model top down and rotate the model to work on different views.

You can use UVproject modifier.
Projector here is a simple plane in XZ moved to another layer out of the way.

Thanks, that’s great. Didn’t know about that modifier, and it seems to do exactly what I want.

Having modelled against the projected image, is there any simple way to convert the projected texture into a more ‘normal’ texture? Say I want to export the model to Unity. I can’t use the UVProject modifier there. Of course I can UV map the image in the usual way, but if there was a simple way to convert the texture that shows on the geometry into a corresponding texture without projection that would be great.

Have new image available, set it as a texture but not check. Bake on a new UV coordinate set. Paint, save, set as a final texture for material.

Thanks, I’ll try to get this to work. So far when I baked to a new UV map I just got a white rectangle on a black background, and in Texture paint mode I seem to have lost the ability to clone from one UV to another. I could do it yesterday - I shouldn’t have updated Blender, now I can’t find anything.

My failed attempt is here: http://youtu.be/umbexMkE-x8 I’m obviously doing something wrong. BTW I redid this and unchecked the new texture before baking, but no difference.

YESS!! Have got it to work. Thank you very much for your help with this. Much appreciated.

Nice. Glad you managed by image and this scarce notes… It was 4:58 AM (here) - i had the final dream going on :smiley:

You’re welcome!

My mistake was to fail to assign the original image to the default Tex. I haven’t used Blender for about six months and occasionally details like that slip my mind. Your instructions and image contained all I needed to know.