Texture not showing on Layout tab but shows on Texture Paint tab (HELP)

Hi peeps,

I’ve been trying to learn how to texture my character but it seems the colors I assign to each piece wont properly show throughout the other tabs. For example, I can see that all the colors are properly displayed on the Texture Paint Tab, but when I move to the Layout Tab or UV Editor Tab, the colocar are all white.

Any ideas what this could be? Images below for reference.

There are differnt colors possible in solid view than the material have textures… ( ← and because pure color is no texture ref at bottom )…

And the differeen workspaces have different settings… see top right the drop down for Vieport shading → Color:…

  • Layout: only Material
  • Texture Paint: Texture

This is because usually in the Layout workspace you concentrate… on layout and in ttexture paint… you have to see the texture :wink: (see above)

( It seems to be that you have to study the manual a bit more and/or watch some tutorials…)