Texture offset =?

Can anyone explain exactly what values texture offset correspond to? It seems like they are pixels of the original UV’d texture modified for repeat and scale factors.

It offsets the texture from the original coordinates
Wiki entry: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Textures/Options/Map_Input#Coordinate_Offset.2C_Scaling_and_Transformation
A simple example (both textures mapped to identical UVs but one has an offset in the x direction)
Offset of 0.5 = translated half the texture length in the x-axis

wow, I sure was off! Funny as it doesn’t seem to look like 1= 100% when I’m animating it, I’ll have to start over with tiny offsets, likely I’m getting multiples of offset with my tile able textures, you never see it.

Oh yes, in case anyone missed it, you can now see your f-curves for texture variable animation in the latest 2.53 svns!