Texture on AK


I need an ak for my project(who doesen’t?) so I found this model and textured it. I want to know what you think with the textures

pretty good texturing, but you need a better set of details on the magazine, AK magazines are a lighter color than the gun itself…

Thanks for the quick response. I will look into it

Yep ;D the best thing to look at is in black ops at thier AK47u machine gun (pictures on google) this will give you a much better idea, the way it is now is good, but making a difference with the coloration on the magazine will make it go over the top!

I’d turn the normal maps down quite a bit to make it looked manufactured rather than made out of driftwood.

But what if this gun has seen combat? It wouldn’t still have a pristine appearance. Though I do think the magazine needs a different colouration. For one, that magazine is perhaps the most replaced thing on that gun. It should look different.

The wood grain on the trigger handle is going the wrong way.
The wood is too shiny and the the dirt looks unrealistic.
The bump map or normal map on the wood is wrong.
All the A.K’s I’ve seen have sanded wood surfaces.