Texture on both siede of a plane (GLSL)

Hi, I’m creating a tree for a game and can’t do a simple branch, how can I get texture on both side of a plane in GLSL mode ? From one side texture is visible:
, but from the other side there is no texture:
(Using blender 2.68).Have someone some tutorial how to do it step by step from beginning ? Thx in advance for any answer.

Its name backface culling:

For a solid object you need to recalculate the normals, if you object is only a plane, deactivate the option backface culling in the material tab(with blender game engine selected on the top), sorry english.

Hi, yeah I know about this option, that’s way I need step by step instruction from beginning because I’ve disable that option and it does not help

If dont work, upload a file of example.

Hi Carlo, I’ve created new project and there everything works fine, but question for You, how You make transparent background ?

Ok, I’ve done it, thanks for You help :slight_smile: