Texture only shows up in solid view

First day using Blender, and getting very confused how to show a texture in my 3d-view. I looked through tutorials etc, and managed to get them showing up using GLSL textured solid. My problem is when I imported a model I downloaded from the internet. The textures for this model turn off in textured view, and only show in solid view.

Screenshots to explain what I mean
Solid view

Texture view

I would like all the images to show textures in texture view only, but no idea what I have done to get it working like this.

Quick and dirt, this does not solve everything: switch from glsl to multitexture. This shows textures on an imported model in textured mode. You lose the glsl features.

All that seems to do is stop the grid texture showing as well

I started new document to see if I had messed something up. Here are the results.
GLSL shading - grid texture shows but house model doesn’t

Multitexture shading - grid texture doesn’t show but house texture does

Does this help show what I am doing wrong?

As a mildly experienced user, I have to say that after years of using Blender, this doesn’t get better. Sometimes you have to switch to GLSL, sometimes Multitexture. Sometimes you have to switch from Cycles Render to BI or vice-versa to see them. This is quite obscure…

Without the blend i can’t really check anything.

But some Blender facts to know :

Using Textured display :

  • In Multitexture, the texture you have setup in the Material-Texture panel will not show up (even if it’s a basic texture that would not require any glsl effect), it will -only- show the texture you assigned to the model in the UV/Image Editor
  • In GLSL, it will -only- show the texture from the Material - Texture panel and will not display the texture you assigned to the model in the UV/Image editor, basically it work on the opposite way of Multitexture

Enabling Textured Solid in the N Panel
-In Multitexture it will only display the texture you assigned to the model from the UV/Image Editor, still will ignore the one from Material - Texture as before
-In GLSL it will do the same as Multitexture for once.

Yes, i agree that’s not intuitive or user friendly in any ways, i hope one day those oddities will be reworked.

edit : these for BI, i don’t use Cycles no idea if it is affected by the same thing

What is shown in multitexture (and textured solid) view modes on the model are images that are assigned to UV’s. That’s what is called face assigned textures, which is an important part of painting and baking features.

Here’s a tutorial that explains those https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIMJxX9i490

Nevertheless, it’s quite a mess.

I’ve never understood why changing render engine had an influence on the way the viewport reacts.

@Sanctuary: Using Cycles make things even worse to me. Sometimes I have to go to BI render so that i can paint a map.
I won’t hijack this thread with this problem though.