Texture paint, brush banding

I didn’t have to draw before, but now I needed to draw a skybox. It turned out that the blender brush leaves banding. How can this be avoided?

Can you share your .blend file?

Brush Banding.blend (305.1 KB)

Standart plane and standart brush.

When you press a brush once, banding is not so noticeable but it is there. But when you press several times on the spot, you can see the obvious lines.

Even 32 bit texture dont help.

Allright, this was the step to reproduce the issue (It happens to me as well). I don’t know if it’s a limitation or it can be improved. Let’s see what others say here. You can also try reporting it as a bug (Help > Report a Bug inside Blender)

It seems to have to do with the brush falloff, (and not bit depth, or resolution) you cab, for instance, use a smooth brush to get rid of the banding. Also painting Hy moving the brush around (as opposed to clicking multiple times on the same place) gives a soft non banded edge.

Not. It is only at first glance it turns out a smooth result. I gave such a simple example that would be clearer. I encountered a problem when drawing skybox. There, at first glance, everything is smooth. But if you look closely, you can see clear lines. Especially in those places where a smooth transition of colors.

In Unity, lines are especially noticeable. If you remove the compression completely, they become softer, as in a blender, but they do not disappear.