Texture paint fill strength

Hello everyone

I could not find an answer, or a solution, so I am asking here.

I am trying to fill an object with the fill brush in texture painting mode, but the color is not applied at full strength, I need to click several time to get the full color, I looked everywhere but found no solutions, anyone has an idea on how to make it work at full strength?

Thanks for any reply!



You need to change the brush in the tools panel
Type ‘Mix’ and the mix proportion is 100% the colour


Hope this helps


Hello Martin, and many thanks for your reply, but you are showing the tools for the texture draw tool, I am referring to the fill tool, which only seems to do a partial fill even with the strength at 100%.

This said, I did some more testing and sometimes it seems to work, other time it does not, maybe its a bug?

In this image Suzanne should have been filled with full blue, instead the fill was only partial, I have to click several times to have 100% blue!


Thanks for the feedback
With the strength at 1.0 it works for me every time
I am using 2.78c

Good luck


Here is a capture of the whole process, works fine for painting, but fill, not so much! :slight_smile:

Hi GCharb,

The fill tool works for me as well (version 2.79). I followed the steps in your video and was not able to reproduce the issue. Maybe upload the blend file?