Texture Paint Help

Hi Guys,
Need help in texture painting. I want texture paint on this model for masking the textures. This is the high poly model result of dynetopo sculpting. When Iclickthe brush on high poly area the color spread on very large (See Pic 2 ) are but its working okey on low poly area (see Pic 3).
Any Idea how to paint in high poly area normally…


Your UV map is distorted and you have UV vertices overlapping eachother causing them to share the same texels. If the right side window is any indication, you also have UV vertices outside of bounds. You cannot do that, unless you deliberately want tiling to happen.

Did you properly UV unwrap this?

Yes I did It correctly…No overlapping…

It is distorted due to Sculpting

But I just need approx location of for masking on my low poly model. Thats why Iam trying texture paint on high poly model… May be My thinking is wrong…

See the Low poly uv texture location is approximately at the same location where Highpoly uv texture is


When I wrote distorted, I wasn’t talking about the image and subdivision caused by dyntopo, but the actual UV map of the high poly. Texture painting paints pixels directly onto the UV map of the model. When the texel density is non-uniform, you can deduce that the UV mapping is distorted.

You posted a screenshot of the UV layout for the low poly, but isn’t the problem with the high poly?

Thanks…It means its not going to work for masking… Is there any way to convert Normal map for that purpose…Actually it is a wall…I made damages using the scupting. Now I want paint in the damaged area different from the rest of the wall thats why I was trying this method… Any way thanks again

If you’re trying to make a mask from the damaged parts, you could make a curvature / cavity map from normal map. It may serve as a base for your mask.

Otherwise, you could use vertex paint to paint on top of the damage on the high poly, then bake it as vertex colors and subsequently a mask for the low poly. It works on a per vertex, so the higher vertex density, the more definition you’ll get out of the colors.