Texture paint image lost after editing the mesh

I have a simple mesh consisting of 2 objects that I unwrapped and painted some colors on in texture paint, just to get an idea of the overall look. I saved the file at that point.Then I went back to edit mode and slightly adjust one of the objects without touching the other object. Upon returning to texture paint I find that whatever I painted on both the objects is lost. Only the names and base colors I gave to those texture images have remained the same. The UV unwrapped mesh parts are also in place. Why did this happen and is there any way to recover the painted part? Undo is not an option since I saved in-between mesh edits also and the history got truncated.

You have to save the images manually from the UV window…Or before a save you have to Pack the images to the Blend File. The images are only in memory until saved or packed.

You can try and see if there is still a Back-up…select File > Recover > Auto-Save and pick the file from the time you worked on the Blend…

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Thank you @RSEhlers. I will take note. What surprised me was that simply switching between workspaces and moving a few vertices around made the pictures go missing. I did not close the file or anything…

I tried to auto recover, but results are the same. There are picture names and base colors, but not my painting… :sweat_smile: Never mind… Good it was more of a sketch before real painting.