Texture paint mode?

What “texture paint” mode in 3d view (it is NOT vertex paint, and not paint tool in UV editor) does, and how to use it?

(And yes, I read, I googled, I searched. )

you paint like in in paint except in 3d in edit buttons select the color and size etc.

And then? Left button does nothing, right copies color from model to brush settings, but how the… do you actually paint? And that empty “paint” menu just adds to confusion.

It only works on Images and you need to save the image after painting.


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Sorry Fligh % but looks like I’m terminally dumb. I added an Image texture to the material and it did nothing too. I added image to UV and UV painter works. But nothing in 3D view.

Could you explain this mode step-by-step?

This is something that bugged me for a while, too. It isn’t part of the material, and all you have to do is add an image to the UV window. That’s what Fligh means when he says that it only works on images (and that you have to save it when you’re done). The texture paint tool is pretty cool, though, but, like it has been said before, to get it to work you have to have an image loaded into the UV mapping window, then you can turn it on and off with the texture paint button (it’s a little pen-looking thing) in the UV mapping window. What I have come to do is make two images (jpg): one has a white background and the other has a black background. I load either one, depending on the brightness of what I’ll be painting. Howver, I mostly use it for numbering UV pieces.

Hope that helped,

yes, thanks, it helped - now I see, UV image is really affected by what I do in 3D, but I do not see that texture in 3D view, and in others .blends I do…

In other .blends the image is probably UVMapped. You will only see textures in 3D view if they’re UVMapped and you’re in Textured DrawType (potato mode). Material textures are just a smudge.


Thanks. I do not quite understand that you said, but looks that I used UV wrongly all the time (Image texture mapped to UV instead of orco). Will RTFM.

Figured it out finally. Going straight to Texture paint mode after face select did not update 3D view correctly, but going to object mode, and then, TP worked. :confused: