Texture Paint on Sculpted Sphere

Hello I am very new to this and I’m struggling to texture paint on my sculpted sphere. I have added a displacement node to my sphere to give it the rough ‘moon’ texture however I would like to paint details onto it to give it a face appearance. When I was initially trying to paint on the object without the texture added it wasn’t working either, I wasn’t sure if this was because I didn’t have the right painted area for a sphere? Please help!

Have you tried watching any tutorials on painting in Blender.
First step is setting up the UV coordinates. Next step is setting up the material with textures. 3rd is going to the paint mode. Got to do it all right though.


As watercycles says,

but. Important! you need to save the image file before you can paint.

heres a node tree to study.

bit bigger for you.

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You also have to select the texture. Click on the texture node, then change into paint mode.

Thanks, I’m going through them but I’m getting tripped up on the UV mapping since the object mesh is so complicated :frowning:


You should retopo that to get the geometry simpler. For a beginner the tool instant meshes is easy to use.

Thank you, I’m just trying to figure out how to download retopo with a Mac. In the meantime is not possible to do the same thing with ‘remesh’ and just copy the UV map from the simplified version onto the complex sculpted one?


It should be easy to retopo it. It looks like a simple sphere in the screen shot. I think all you need is a sphere.

It’s literally impossible to install just spent the best part of an hour downloading Xcode and trying to decipher - the instructions are ridiculous!

Another reason mac sucks on top of always being slower and more expensive than a pc.

Your other options are:

  • Retop yourself by following video and use the built in blender tools, or using Retopoflow. Retopoflow is the best manual retopology tool in the world.
  • QuadRemesher. It costs a little money, but is the best automatic remesher in the world.
  • Since it is mostly a sphere you could make another sphere then use the Shrinkwrap modifier on it. If you used a subdivided cube it could also work and give nicer geometry loops.

I’m not sure you can copy a UV map from one object to another.

As another option if you purely want to paint on it and don’t care about the high poly count or anything else you can go into edit mode on the object, press U, choose Smart UV Unwrap. This will give you UVs, bad UVs, but UVs that can then be used to be painted on. Go into the material of the object, make a new texture, save it, connect it to whatever channel you want it to go on.

Thank you! I’m getting there slowly slowly and had a bit more luck with the UV mapping.

I’m tring to stylise the eyeballs so it has the same drawn look that my drawings usually have. I’m guessing the best way would be to use a drawn image as an texture?

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