Texture paint pixels!

Hey, im trying to make a open forest landscape for my game, but then texture paint only gives me hyper pixely textures… :C

When i texture paint i use “Project from view (with bounds)” UV and then i paint on my texture. but then the texure get reeeeally pixely. like this

The only way to make it high res is to use the “reset” UV so all faces gets its own texture, but then when i paint on it then when i paint a single face then all faces gets painted… like this

so is texture paint a completely useless tool? or is there a way to get nice res terrain without having 5000000 x 500000 textures?

Ty! :smiley:

Yep! it impossible make million x million pixels image, maybe next genaration super compures can?
So we need make some magic.

One example is using stencil texture.
First texture (grass)
second texture is stencil between first and third texture. (black appears as grass and white appears as sand)
Third texture (sand)
Now you can easily draw sand or grass. Sqares smoothing very nice (need mipmaps). So you can draw allmost smooth roads and etc…

Example: Textures 1 and 3 uses own uv (reapeating textures 1024 times) and stencil texture size is 1024 pixels (blackWhite)
and land area is 1024 meters, so we can draw one meter boundary (grass or sand)
Both textures (sand and grass) is 1024 pixels sized, you have one centimeter sized pixels.
Of course middle gray produced 50% both textures.

both textures 1 and 3 must! be tileable.

I have used even 4 ground textures eith different colour channels (mix them with nodes)
black - basic ground
red channel, second texture (I have green grass)
and etc…

That mechanics used many commercial games.
Hope that helps.

Here’s a simple example using a red, green, blue image as stencil, as pohjan said.
It uses material nodes.

Stencil example.zip (1.55 MB)

Red: sand.
Green: grass.
Blue: rock.

And, here’s an amazing example made by Mike Pan.

Carlo, im suing game engine not render engine.

rohan, my english is not good enough to understand all that :confused:

I have no idea what you mean by “then shadows can ray perfect through alpha textures?”.

What pohjan said is, to my knowledge, correct. Most game engines don’t have massive texture sizes for the textures to be crisp - rarely do games use one giant texture for an island, or one huge texture for all of the ground areas in a city.

I don’t think your question and goal are worded clearly. What exactly are you looking for?

EDIT: Carlo’s example works in the game engine.

Ehh ‘supercompures’ means supercomputers ehh, typo :slight_smile:

Anyway, processing with stencils you can made huge scenes with sharp textures, example I have 4 x 4 km area.

My example works in BGE.