Texture paint slots

I can not find how to add new texture paint slots in 2.8…

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You need to add a new image node to your material and connect it to the input where you want it to affect the shader. Objects in 2.8 default to Principled BSDF, connect your image node referencing the image you want to paint on to the socket that corresponds to what you want - diffuse, metalness, roughness, etc. Once you have added your images, then you can see the texture paint slots will be populated with your images.

Blender Render was default in 2.79 and the slots panel was easy to add a new image there, but I am hopeful later on we see some attention here since getting a more Cycles/Eevee based workflow.

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Thanks, took me a while to get it working. Learned a lot in the process but I am definitely not a nodes guy. I hope they will restore the simpler way of adding multiple texture layers soon. Or that BPaint will keep providing this option once converted to 2.8

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Most likely BPainter will be updated to work with 2.8 - that should get a very nice way to interact with the paint.

I got used to nodes early back when Cycles first hit the scene, and once I got used to the freedom of rerouting images to everything/everywhere, I lost the desire to see things in a stack and got comfortable with previewing the material draw view. Eevee has a very fast feedback, and is very nice to paint in :smiley:

…I was hoping for an update, but it is still not here. The developer did not jet respond to my questions. I’ll see if I can get in touch with him and find out when it will be ready.

I have had an answer from the developer. He is working on a new version and from what he showed me I can say I am looking forward to this new version.

I also want layers in the PS/Gimp sense for the textures; the basic mixRGB options are enough to support it. Painting on the flat in an external program isn’t the same, and it’s cumbersome to make 10 different images and mix them in node layers, not to mention switching between them when you already have a lot of textures. I’m not sure if it’s asking too much, it feels like something I could make alone.

I really don’t want my layers to be 1 image each, and I don’t like to manage layers as nodes. Maybe blender painting isn’t very popular which is why there isn’t much voice on the matter, but personally I love it.