Texture Paint Suddenly lagging badly

Hi all.
I am reasonably new to the program. I have been working on a model (it is in the work in progress section) and I was texturing it in the texture paint tool. I discovered I had some mistakes in the unwrap, so I gave up on my texture painting, went back and re-unwrapped the model, and tried to start painting the texture again. Texture file size is the same as previous. Source texture I am trying to paint with is the same size. UV layout is not too different from the previous version. When I try to paint the model, the lag is crippling. like 30 seconds per stroke. Something is going nuts somewhere. There is definitely some conflict someplace.
I am wholly confused by all the different places textures and material selections are showing up in this program. It is a total mess to be honest. I think SOMEPLACE there is something connected to something it shouldn’t be. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

And… It suddenly decided to start working normally again… No idea why. Nothing that I know of changed. Sorry I cannot give further info.