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I have made a cat… (not the greatest) but a cat… she is white… material in my file is white for her face and body, green for eyes… small black slits on eyes…pink nose and purple collar…
so under materials, I have 001 green, 002 white, 003 pink, 004 black, and 005 is purple.
I select the head, go into Edit mode, open the UV/Image Editing, go to Mesh, select Unwrap, then Smart uv project… it shows the pattern in the UV/Image Editor… I select “New” image and name the image, uncheck Alpha, change the color to white… now my pattern of her head shows in the UV/Image Editor on white background…
I change the 3D view to Texture Paint and her entire head changes to Black in the 3D view… in the materials list I no longer show all my colors, I now show 001-004 as black, (the 005 purple still there …it is the color of her collar)… The UV/Image Editor background changes from my white to the black also… I try to open back the image I started out as white back in but the 3D viewer remains black on her entire head and the materials 001-004 remain as black…

 Why do these change to black.. how do I keep it from changing to black...  I was trying to paint on her mouth and continue to have it changing to black...    this is not the first time this has happened.. I get it a lot when trying to paint something.. don't know if I'm doing something wrong... or what...  

this is the file I am working on… I did not save with the UV unwrapping done because I didn’t want the black to be there… I have tried 4 times to do this and continue to get the black…
thank you in advance for you help
have good day
BarbaraSusie 111314.blend (790 KB)

Susie 111314.blend (1010 KB)I create my image for the head… save it and apply to the head before going to texture paint mode… now the head remains white so I can paint on it, BUT all my material under the Properties window, turns black… so now when I go into render view, the eyes and nose are completely black… the white body has little black spots on it… very strange… don’t know what is happening or why… I do’t know where the spots are coming from on the body as I wasn’t even working with it… Here is the file and I packed in the texture I created for face
I hope it’s packed right

Yea, strange. Can’t think of a reason why it should change material color when moving to texture paint. Texture paint mode was set to material but that should only affect texture on the selected material. In image mode it should only paint on the image that is assigned to UV’s in the UV/Image editor.

If you’re not using the 2.72b version, switch to that. Don’t know if A and B version bug fixes fixed texture paint issues but it’s possible. Also could try reset the settings with file -> load factory defaults. If you’ve copied settings from previous version, that could cause problems. (Settings with Load factory settings aren’t permanent unless you save settings separately).

What I found though was that the UV mapping is inadequate. There are intersections in the mesh and the UV unwrap has intersections too. Island margin might be too small also.

maybe the bad intersections happened when I was trying to mold the cat… I’m not too good at molding yet…still trying to learn … I just did a truck and when I did some texture painting on the trailer, I added the image file first, then did the painting, but all my materials changed from the colors they should be to black… I found out, it is from the Texture… It automatically put in a texture that is black… don’t know why but when I went in and deleted all the textures attached to all the materials, they went back to the colors they are supposed to be… strange… sure makes things confusing for me and just learning … but am trying to figure out my problems before I post a question… and I sure do appreciate all your help here on the board… I’ve been reading tutorials and watching tutorials trying to learn how to mold and animate… I work hours every day on it… created this kitchen … some of the dimensions are not exact but works for my little animals who are the characters in my stories I write… I am using 2.72 I will download 2.72b and try it… thanks for your reply… back to my learning…
have a good day…

New features were added to texture painting in 2.72 which added paint slots and connecting them to materials and the ability to add new images to material textures. If I remember correctly, first versions created the paint slots automatically if there wasn’t one when switching to texture paint. Sounds like the issue could be related to that. It’s not creating them automatically in 2.72b anymore which should help.

If it doesn’t, there might be some problem still left that shows up in your build and should file a bug report to see what developers make of it.

Understandable. I’m not sure what to think of the new texture paint features. They’re supposed to streamline the painting process but it can be confusing to users who might not be that familiar of how textures affect material properties and how those textures map to the model. Sure the old behaviour is still there (image paint mode) that allows to paint on the UV assigned image (face assigned texture) like before 2.72 but material paint mode adds another abstraction for the texture paint. Even experienced users need to pay attention with it.

Meh. That’s what the support forum is for. Of course everyone are expected to try to solve the problem before posting but if you’re good at posting, it’s not wise to use a lot of time trying to figure out what could be wrong before asking from others. If you can describe the problem efficiently and include a .blend, you might get the answer on the forum while getting a cup of coffee. With so many users around you can get a lot more eyes on the problem, all it takes is to make sure they know what problem they’re troubleshooting and give quick means to do it.

You already seem to know that but there are couple things which could help you further with posting. Please don’t take these the wrong way:

If you find that it’s hard to describe the problem and/or what you’re doing, try to organize Blender interface so that it shows the points you’re hitting in your text and take a screenshot (ctrl+F3 or Window menu -> take screenshot in Blender). You might find that it’s easier and faster to describe something when you have an image in your post to support that.

It also means that everything else you show in the image can be seen without you saying anything. Especially experienced users can read additional information of what you were doing if you show the areas on the interface that you used to get there, just by looking at the image.

You like to write the text part in posts as a continuous stream and use “…” a lot. Perhaps consider using paragraphs for subtopics and add a new line before/after an image. It’s a bit hard to follow when you describe different things and events and there’s no break in the text itself to separate them. Paragraphs also makes it easier to cram

tags in between when replying to different parts of your original post.

I don’t mean you should write an essay or crap like that, of course you should write the way that is easier for you. Those kinds of little things can make a difference though and at least to me it’s easier to use images and text structure when posting. Clever screenshots can cut down the amount of text you have to write overall - communicating more but using less time doing so.

(Yea, this is my longest post in a while).

[QUOTE=BarbaraKaur;2765360]created this kitchen … some of the dimensions are not exact but works for my little animals who are the characters in my stories I write

Looks like it’s going great. You seem to be making many different scenes from what I’ve figured in your posts.

I might be spotting a problem on the kitchen cabinets though. Each corner of the squares look like they might have surfaces on top of each other, maybe the sides intersect without keeping the top surfaces separate. Polygons on top of each other (or just very close) can cause black artifacts in a render. It’s called Z-fighting if I remember correctly.

Thank you Ja12, no, I didn’t take it the wrong way… I appreciate your help … and adivce… anything to make it easier when I post…
I got the 2.72B downloaded… will install later. gave blender a rest for a few hours and worked on my writing… I saved your information …
Have created a few but not knowing a lot about it yet and what looks best or what is the best way to do something, I’ve been playing around with it a lot… created several houses, plants, trees, picket fence, chain link fence, a living room, the kitchen, several objects like swing set, see saw, couple cars, etc… some just off the top of my head… the cars, I followed a tutorial step by step… When am trying to do something, I search for any tutorials that might help… and sometimes I just get in there and see what I can do… some tutorials I get lost in and am not sure how to do… but am working on Blender several hours every day.

thanks again… have a good day

Nice. That’s already a good start for a small village :slight_smile:

Could perhaps use forums to get multiple suggestions. There rarely is a “best” way to do something, usually there are multiple options, multiple attack plans that are constrained to set parameters, case by case.

Because each step in the process (concept, modeling, texturing, etc) follow some workflow(s), it might be a good idea to tell about your process if you can do so briefly. For example, if you have a modeling problem, perhaps a short description of what you started with, what you are doing now, and where are you heading with the thing and then tell about the modeling problem. That way it’s possible to get suggestions on other workflows, reveal bigger problems in the process, or get wider explanation on why you’re having issues with the modeling. The keyword there is ‘briefly’ because you probably want to concentrate on the problem you’re having, unless you’re asking questions about the process or workflows specifically.

Just a thought. Those are things that tutorials can’t teach. They can show an example workflow and tools and techniques, but adapting that information to your own needs might not always work as well as one could hope.