Texture painting and layers with 2.8

(Mark Castaneda) #1

With blender 2.8 having no blender internal, there is no way that I can find to layer paint textures. Is there a way to do this in 2.8?

(zeauro) #2

It is true. In 2.79, Blender Internal UI is showing an Add Texture Paint drop-down list under Slots panel.

This is missing for Cycles UI because Cycles use nodes and it was impossible to predict in what slot a specific texture could be added.
Principled Shader was added as an experimental feature in 2.79. So, the texture paint slots was not adapted at that moment, too.
It is supposed to be a To Do to have such drop-down list relative to principled shader In Texture Paint mode, in 2.8.
Principled Shader is available both render engines Cycles and EEVEE.

Currently, you have to create image texture nodes to see them available as slots under Slots panel.
In theory, it should be sufficient. But In practice, texture paint mode is buggy in 2.8.
You have to set textures in your material in object mode and then go into texture adding.
Adding texture in texture paint mode does not update Slots panel.

(Mark Castaneda) #3

Thank you for the detailed explanation, it’s much appreciated.

(ItalianJoy) #4

In case it interests you, I’m creating a texture paint layers addon right now, you can have a look:

I plan on making a version for 2.8 once there’s an official stable release. In fact, it may work with 2.8 right now but no guarantees

(Mark Castaneda) #5

That’s amazing! I’m hoping it will work for eevee too- since the nodes in 2.8 have an option to work with all engines, it shouldn’t be too difficult, right? From the video alone, I can tell the program is coded very well. Good job, and thanks for the response.