Texture Painting Bleeding over into other faces?

Hihi, new to posting here but I’m a long time reader of these forums. I’ve been working with Blender for a couple weeks now after taking a break with it and sort of refreshing myself with it. I wasn’t expert with it before I stopped either.

I modeled a pillar I’m going to use for a Unity project and for whatever reason, the texture seems to be bleeding over into the other faces that I don’t even have selected. It’s like it’s offset to the left and upwards slightly. I honestly don’t recall having this problem before

Left view shows the blurred color on the un-selected face. Right view showing the colors bleeding into other faces still: http://puu.sh/5eZzc.jpg

I’ve set bleeding to 0-10 and it still does it either way. I’ve searched around for people with similar issues and found nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

Your image is a bit too low res to have that kind of precision without the UVs being lined up exactly with the pixels - you can see in the image editor in that screenshot that that edge is somewhere in the middle of the pixel below, so it’s going to get some of the color from there unless you move the UVs to be aligned with the pixels.

Ahh ok thanks, that sort of verified what I wasn’t sure of. I ended up repainting one of the faces on each side and snapping the islands to the newly painted faces and it worked out. I was able to import it in Photoshop and make a quick texture for it. Still getting sort of use to the way it handles it in blender. It ended up like this: http://puu.sh/5f83o.jpg (Ignore the random stuff it says on it, haha)

Thanks again. :smiley: