Texture painting doesnt work correctly

my model is completely uv mapped with no overlapping islands.
when I paint my model in the texture paint, ill paint the left side & part of the bottom right is also painted at same time. this is obviously an error that needs to be fixed

hard to say without seeing the scene, but do you have any modifiers on the mesh, or any sort of symmetry turned on for the painting brushes?

no modifiers
symmetry? not sure what that means but my settings for texture painting
left to right. draw/brush is fbrush/raidus 36px/strength 0.150/mix/brush/texture texture im using set to view plane
stroke is airbrush/falloff is normal falloff/display is normal,didnt touch this/mask didnt touch this/texture mask tiled,pressure masking is off/options occlude & backface culling are checked.

i did a work around. just moved the bottom right remapped it to another area. dont have the problem anymore,but this shouldnt be necessary.

could be something else I think, but again, hard to say blindly. Try with any default object like a cube, see if it’s behaving correctly.