Texture Painting Duplicate Brush

Hello everyone!
I’m learning the ropes to texture painting in Blender and have run across an issue. As you can see in the image below, when I directly paint on the model there is a duplicate brush slightly offset to my active one. It mirrors the active brush’s movements. It is effectively impossible to paint on the model directly because of this.

Oddly enough, when I paint on the UVs, the problem disappears.

Any ideas what could be causing this and/ or how to fix it? Hazarding a guess I think one of my UVs is flipped or something, but changing their arrangements hasn’t yielded anything.

Thanks in advance!


Need more info to be sure - But

It look’s like , it’s Your unwrap there is bad…All the side have/use the same UV…That’s why You don’t see it when You paint in the Uv Editor…Try unwrap it with Smart UV Project or Cube maybe…:slight_smile:

Think it will fix it…Else upload Your Blend…Puff Puff…And a Happy Christmas…Cheers


Thanks for the tips. Turns out one of the UVs was mirrored.