texture painting hidding part of mesh ?

i’m following another texture painting tut

and he seems to select one panel on a crate then Shift H to hide the rest of the crate
but when i go into texture paint mode the whole crate appears gain in viewport ?

so what’s the trick here to have only one panel ?

otherwise seems that the paint will be applied to all panels!

thanks for any help

Using all image resolution to best cover tex space? With defaults, paint does not flow over 90 deg angles anyways.
Mind to share link?

Assuming it’s that tutorial, his crate looks to be made up of 6 separate objects. He modeled one side, then duplicated it and aligned it into a cube. So he’s actually hiding objects rather than sides.

yes it is form blendernation and interesting to review paint texture!

have you done this video ?

could be with several objects but it was not shown in video
or i missed something!

also in that video form blendernation
there are some layers in the N panel

is this an addon or only greace pencil layers ?

i was still able to add some UV white image and add some texturing
which is nice to see work as texture brushes !LOL