Texture painting in Cycles

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to texture paint a terrain - Blender crashes as soon as I make a stroke - tried a few times. Is there a particular problem with 2.76, or is the action really heavy on system resources? Could be that the file is corrupted - won’t upload to Pasteall, I’ll try to uploadcreek.blend (1.12 MB) here. Tri’s 2,209, the image texture file is 1024 X 682, 360Kb and the Blend file is 1.1Meg. This mesh is the only item in the file.

System specs Intel i5-3570 CPU 3.8Ghz, 2 cores hyperthreaded, 8Gigs RAM, graphics Nvidea Ge Force GT 610, 1Gig.

Running Windows Home Premium 64 bit.

I use CPU rendering

UV Unwrap your mesh again so you don’y have overlapping UVs

Thanks, once again, Richard - now sooth as silk :slight_smile:

Haven’t really had time to go in depth to Blender’s UV unwrapping tools. I expect some lousy streakiness if the UV’s are out of kilter as a fair warning, but crash and burn is a bit drastic!

Anyhow, another step up the learning curve.